Aaron Angello’s The Fact of Memory: A Daily Practice Prompt on the Podcast

by | May 20, 2022 | Weekly Prompt

Episode 3 of our podcast is now live, and with a new name! Now known as the Studio Friend Podcast, each episode will take us into a writer or artist’s studio, where we will hear a little bit about craft and process before I derive a prompt inspired by their work.

This week we meet poet, teacher, playwright, and author Aaron Angello, whose recent book The Fact of Memory: 114 Ruminations and Fabrications is out now from Rose Metal Press. Aaron gives us a glimpse into his studio, which served as home to the daily practice he followed for 114 days straight: meditating on a single word from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29. We then get to hear a reading of four selections from the book, which illuminate the connection between process and product.

After we hear from Aaron, I suggest some ways to get started with your own daily practice. Check it out, and if you try a new practice, ritual or warm up – let us know!