Amy McDaniel

by | Dec 31, 2020 | 3 comments

Here’s something very very old — one of my first publications, in the lovely journal Matchbook. It seems easier to blurb something from a very different time in my life.

Blurb: Nervy and unnerving, “New Money” distills the feeling in early adulthood that one is too young to be taken very seriously but too old to be considered precocious.


In revision, the thing that I’ve really found to work is retyping the manuscript. It is laborious enough to keep me from typing something that isn’t working (which meant I cut/didn’t retype about 15,000 words from my novel ms), but straightforward enough to help me feel that I have some forward momentum.

I’m back to revision after getting pretty similar feedback on my novel from two agents who requested the full manuscript. I would really like to start + complete this (pretty major) revision in January because our second child is due in February.


  1. Meghan Phillips

    Oh, this is great! Matchbook is one of my favorite journals, and also one of my first publications! I’m also expecting my second child (literally, any day now). Wishing you the best on revisions.

  2. Florina Falce

    I love the title and the theme, the author’s note. How brilliant the parallel to visual art! I didn’t see a date but I’m curious when you wrote it. I’m also dying to read that novel you are revising.

  3. Michael Owen

    I love the weight of the author’s note, how it draws attention to the artifact of the collage but tells a whole story in itself.

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