Start to Finish Your Writing Project

Book Coaching, Editing, Problem Solving

Drawing on over a decade of experience as a teacher, an editor, and a published writer, Amy Robinson offers the following personalized coaching services, designed to affirm and empower your writing practice with concrete strategies and actionable feedback.

Generative (Cross-Genre)

Follow your calling to write and expand your horizons as a writer. Amy will give you personalized prompts and reading recommendations, affirming feedback to help you finish and polish your work, empowering tools to develop and sustain good writing habits and rituals, and ideas for where to publish.

Drafting (Any Genre)

Keep your inspiration and motivation alive as you draft your book. Amy will help you develop your writing practice, manage the scope of your project, and keep you accountable to see it through. Along with offering affirming developmental feedback along the way, Amy will give you tools and exercises to keep you inspired as you generate pages. Line editing also available.

Revision (Any Genre)

Finished with a draft but unsure how to proceed? Amy will help keep you committed as you navigate the forest of revision by not only offering feedback on how to reshape and polish, but also by helping you achieve your vision for the next draft through actionable steps and methods that really work. Line editing and support with decisions and plans for publishing also available.

Book Proposal (Nonfiction)

Transform the inklings of a great idea into a compelling writing sample, a cohesive outline, and a convincing marketing plan. Amy will help you shape and clarify your thoughts, give you concrete exercises and actionable feedback as you draft sample chapters, and stay on track to finish and polish a winning proposal.

Helping You Find Success With Your Writing Project

Feel Like It’s Time to Get a Fresh Perspective?

Do you want to find a new way to look at your manuscript? Feeling stuck as you climb the ladder to writing success? Let’s have a quick call to find out where you are and see what’s next. It might be easier than you think. Click below to easily find a time on my calendar.

Nurturing & Rigorous

“Amy’s notes and comments were so helpful, nurturing, and rigorous. Amazing, actually, to have this much attention paid to my language and ideas. She has taken my writing in new directions. I feel revitalized.”

—Marcus Slease

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We will have a chat so that I can learn about your project and you can get a sense of who I am and how I can support your writing. Then I’ll send you a custom proposal outlining a plan for our work together.


Start to Finish

Throughout, I will support you on the page, with editorial ideas, writing strategies, and feedback, and off the page, with motivational support to help you face the challenges of writing and revising.

Reach Your Goals

From the start, I will help you manage the scope and timeline of your project by giving you regular benchmarks and checking in frequently to help you stay on track to an accomplished finish.

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