Dan Brady’s Cabin Fever: A Subtexts Prompt on the Podcast

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Weekly Prompt

Episode 1 of the Write Away Promptcast is now available. Listen anywhere you like to listen to podcasts, I think. Still figuring it out!

This week’s episode features Dan Brady, whose newest book, Subtexts, is just out from Publishing Genius. Dan graciously agreed to talk to us about his process of writing the poems, and to read one of the poems, “Cabin Fever.” I love the way the poem is at once playful and foreboding, subversive and sweet, icy and snowy.

Check out the podcast for Dan’s stirring reading of the poem, and to hear a few thoughts about how to try your hand at writing a Subtexts-style erasure yourself!

Also, please share the podcast. And a reminder — it is, for the time being at least, free to subscribe to Write Away, so spread the word about that, too. We would love to get some teacher subscribers so they can share these prompts with their students. Erasure poetry is always a hit in the classroom.

Thanks for listening!