Florina Falce

by | Jan 3, 2021 | 2 comments

Sharing my most recent essay about art. Inspired by a visit to Andy Warhol exhibition in London in a pandemic year, it brings to light a personal perspective to a universal question – is art essential?

Art – Essential or Not?

If any idea comes to mind I tend to stop what I am doing and write it down. Since I carry my phone everywhere, it’s full of notes. I once gathered all of them in a book that I called “Everything else”.
More recently I pencil down Ideas on a piece of paper or I paint them and then I feel compelled to translate them into words. It has double benefits.

I received a wonderful gift for the new year – a weekly delivery of Freshly cut flowers and flower arrangements guide. A gold mine for my Book of flowers. Specifically, I will plan to paint each week’s bouquet or a flower from the bouquet and write about it. My goal is to do it before the next one arrives so I have the muse handy. 3 weeks in Jan will result in three chapters. Ambitious? I trust the energy of flowers.


  1. Adam Robinson

    Hey Florina — it’s interesting to read about your note-taking habit right after reading Amy’s post today about jotting down notes!

    And that flower delivery present sounds wonderful!!

  2. Michael Owen

    This made me miss the Tate Modern! I love “Prayer is what you see on museums’ walls.”

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