January Write Away Challenge

A 4-Week Workshop (and One Year of Prompts)


Challenge yourself to start the year writing away. The January Write Away Challenge will jumpstart your writing in 2021 with inspiring prompts and craft advice, a system of accountability, a workshop experience, and individual feedback from an experienced writing teacher. You will receive:

  • A year-long subscription to Write Away Weekly
  • Daily inspiration and bonus prompts throughout the month of January
  • Access to an online platform to post your weekly drafts for accountability and community input
  • A small-group workshop at the end of January
  • Detailed feedback on your draft 
  • A match with an accountability partner (who could become a trusted member of your writing circle for years to come!) 
  • 25% discount on Studio Friend coaching packages and select publishing services from Good Book Developers 

To enroll in the January Write Away Challenge, simply click the button below to register. Your email address and password will give you access to the Studio Friend platform where you can view course materials and upload your drafts. 

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