Meghan Phillips

by | Jan 2, 2021 | 5 comments

Blurb: "Final Girls Late-Night Running Club" will make your heart race and your breath catch. A chilling look at what happens after the slaughter, and the unexpected price these young women pay for survival.

I like to draft longhand. I primarily write flash fiction, so this works well for the length of stories I am inclined to write. Typing my handwritten draft into a document always feels like a first round of revision. I see the words in a new way, and I get a jump start on both big-time revisions and smaller editing things.

My goal is really just to get some words down. I struggle with perfectionism and also a kind of preciousness about writing time, perhaps because I have a toddler and a baby on the way. I get stuck in feeling it has to be the "right" time to write. I'd like to work on getting over that mental hurdle and form some kind of daily writing habit, even if it's just 20 minutes.


  1. Amy McDaniel

    Wow, I love this — first person plural POV (done well, as in your piece) brings me joy. And an unreliable first person plural narrator at that. Very cool.

  2. Florina Falce

    I loved reading “Final Girls Late-Night Running Club”.
    The style, the pace, the voice are mesmerising, fascinating, mysterious. I love the pause the reflective language ( “the thing we tell to ourselves”) brings to the race.
    Impactful writing.

    • Adam Robinson

      “Mesmerising” is the perfect word for it! All those things we tell ourselves …

  3. Michael Owen

    I agree that your story was mesmerizing; it captures the mental rhythm of intense exertion, too, of being out of breath and caught up.

  4. Florina Falce

    Congrats for the baby Meghan! Welcome to the world and best wishes!

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