Ships Ahoy!

by | Dec 30, 2020 | WA Test

Dear (Studio) Friend,

You might be wondering exactly what Write Away Weekly is. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What did I just sign up for?”

Well, in a few days you’ll receive your first installment of the weekly email, and—whoosh, like that—you’ll be off and running with a new writing practice. Each Saturday the email will contain: 

  1. a note about the writing life;
  2. a link or two to something truly worth your time;
  3. then a prompt to get you started on your own work.

This isn’t homework, so the prompts won’t demand too much of you. There are no requirements, time limits, or deadlines—just opportunities. You might use some as warm-ups and another as the impetus for a whole poem or scene or essay. The most rewarding moments of my writing career come when I feel like I’m making a difference as a teacher. That’s what I hope to bring out with Write Away Weekly—a new way to motivate and inspire. 

If, after you complete your weekly prompt, you want to share what you’ve written, we’ve come up with a system where you can post your work for other Studio Friends to read and respond to. You are encouraged to respond as well; that’s what this community is for. 

View the community space here. Bookmark it, and set a goal to post your writing each week. Set another goal to write a sentence or two in reply to someone else.

If you have any questions or an idea to make the program better, just hit reply. We are excited to hear from you on this still-fledgling endeavor.