Start Today: Write Morning Pages

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Weekly Prompt

This is not my idea; it is Julia Cameron’s. She wrote The Artist’s Way. She was Martin Scorcese’s first wife. The idea is, write three pages first thing. Three pages of free writing. The idea is to write by hand. It’s like a journal, but you don’t even have to think of it as a journal. It’s just pages. 

I read the first bit of the book, in which she describes how to do morning pages, and why, and I’ve heard about this idea for years, and yet I never bought in. But recently, I kept hearing of people I respect who keep up this practice.

So I began. I’m not perfect about it, but I try not to be perfect about anything. Today I wrote a morning paragraph. But more days than not, lately, I write three full notebook pages. Sometimes it’s mostly a to do list. Sometimes it’s good old fashioned journaling, angsty and free. Sometimes it’s a prayer. All of that, any of it, doesn’t matter.

It’s been a good in a not-great time. I believe in it. I think you should take it up, too.


Write morning pages. Just start today. Don’t be perfect about it, but do it anyway.