Nurturing and Rigorous

Amy’s workshop went beyond my expectations. Such a wonderful community of writers at all stages of their writing careers. Her notes and comments were so helpful, nurturing, and rigorous. Amazing, actually, to have this much attention paid to my language and ideas. The workshop has taken me in new directions. I feel revitalized.

—Marcus Slease


Out of the Ordinary

For having had the chance to attend two of Amy’s past workshops, I can attest they are out of ordinary—the prompts, the guidance, the interaction, the spirit, the feedback, the connection, the mastery of the master… The sense of accomplishment at the end of the workshop is surreal. Not only the whole process is joyful, stimulating, gently pushing your limits, full of discoveries but you end with a piece of writing you feel confident to send to your publisher of choice. I am in for another treat in the new year.

—Florina Falce

A Wealth of Knowledge

Last summer, I took Amy’s writing workshop “Writing Across Genres,” signing up for the 6 week slot. After about three weeks, I knew I needed to extend my class to the full 8 weeks. Amy brought a wealth of knowledge about writing and the creative process, but she also worked closely with me to uncover what kind of story I wanted to tell, and how to use my strengths as a writer and thinker to get closer to that story. She offers a variety of fascinating writers to study, and her prompts were geared towards giving me a richer understanding of why we write, and also the possibilities of what writing can do. She intuitively knew when to give us, the students, freedom to explore our own ideas. I can’t say enough about my 8 weeks in Amy’s class. She truly opened my eyes to the power and depth of the written word. I’m ready for my next 8 weeks!
—Jesse Kray

Amazing Teacher

Amy’s an amazing writer and teacher, and one of the smartest, kindest people I know. I’m sure this is going to be great.

—Matt Bell


A Launching Point

I was a student in Amy’s November Creative Nonfiction writing course and highly recommend it and her similar courses to writers of all levels. I had not done any creative writing in decades and was hesitant about how I might “stack up” or how my work would be perceived among more advanced writers. However, it ended up being my favorite thing I did all year. Amy is incredibly talented in her ability to form and guide the course through prompts and discussion as well as providing feedback that is both very useful and encouraging. There was no pressure or harsh critique, only thoughtful suggestions from her and my writing peers for betterment and elevation of my work. I look forward to using the course as a launching point for more creative writing and hope to take part in her future offerings. 

—Jessica Nix