The first angel

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This is a freewrite/sketch thing. Just playing with ideas of how otherwordly figures appear to my protagonist.

– – – – –

When he was five years old, Joseph saw an angel in person, though as with many things that happened in his youth, it would be some time before he understood this. He had gone with his father out into the field behind their little house, idling among the rows of soil as the elder Smith planted. 

The house sat beside the main road into Sharon, and when his father was just out of earshot, Joseph saw a figure standing near the fence, facing out toward them. No sooner was this person observed than he made a quarter-turn and continued down the road. His dress was ordinary and he was too distant for Joseph to make out many features of his face, though the boy would have tried harder had he appreciated the resulting disadvantage.

What stood out at the time, though, was not any descriptive feature of this personage but what happened to the field when Joseph turned back to look for his father: It was darker—not any one object or surface but the field in its entirety, pallid and dim. This was an hour of rich light, the time in a spring afternoon when memories of summer revive. That light was not obstructed or diminished at its source, so far as Joseph could tell, looking upward. But it had lost its effect.


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